New Year - Last Card | 02-02-18

General / 02 February 2018

So, this is what... my fifth blog site I've used in the past 6 years?

With my portfolio being tied to this account, it only seemed fitting that I use the new Blog tools to keep you up-to-date on the latest news and projects I'm currently working on. Showing more behind the scenes rough designs, early ideas and Works in Progress. Speaking of projects...

Last weekend I took part in the Cardiff GlobalGameJam event, I had such a fun time creating and making new friends. But ultimately it was nice to be working as part of a team again at my old University. whist working, I bumped into a few of my tutors from back in the BA. Great to hear from them again and see the course I was once part of move forward with all new types of programs/skills and interesting methods of designing art being taught to the new generation of GameArtists. But enough about my nostalgia for Uni, for you reading this blog post you want to know what I got up to during those 48hr's. Well that is difficult to show you unfortunately, or at least not yet. It is tricky because into the last hour or two before the hand-in we hit a wall with one of the scripts used in the Unity, it decided to stop working at the most awkward time; which funnily enough reminded me more about my time at university. Sad that it never got finished in the end, but that isn't going to stop me from posting the art on Artstation.

I am planning to post the newly reworked art and some gameplay slices up here on Artstation to show you all what we were planning to complete within the GlobalGameJam. I was tasked with creating the art assets and characters for the game. I will post in the blog in the future with any WIP images I want to show.

David K - The peachy keen artist


ConceptArt update #1

General / 13 November 2017

So I promised a update of a current project I’ve been working on…. well here it is. I followed and adapted a technique I read about to redesign an old concept i posted a while back for my end of year masters project.

I’ve been struggling to visualize the environment for over a fortnight. I hope I get out of my artblock soon as I do have some really neat idea for what to add to this piece. Maybe my solution is to design the elements that are in the environment instead of everything as a whole. Maybe it would make this stage easier as I won’t need to add new interesting forms but instead only worry about the placement and shape of the scene.


Blogpost 13/11/17

General / 13 November 2017

It’s been a while hasn’t it? for the few followers of my Tumblr page, here’s an update. At the moment I’m preparing for the Rare internship 2018 with a whole list of items I need to complete by my own set deadline of December 1st, this gives me little under a month to complete everything I need to give me a well rounded application. This would normally be quite easy as I’ve already set up my new website, artstation account and finished a character I’ve had in the works for around four months (though if I’m honest it could’ve taken fewer weeks to finish). But, as of the last few weeks I’ve been struggling to complete anything substantial due to this art block I’ve had going back four weeks ago. I’ve taken steps to combat it like daily sketching, people sketching, jotting down notes and keeping myself up-to-date on the latest trends of the art world. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, but then again I haven’t been setting my own deadlines since the Masters last year. The more question it the more i believe it might be because I never accomplished my goals I set to achieve during my post graduate study, and as a result it has had a profound impact on my own personal artwork. Hopefully this passes as I’ve steady been building on what I achieved last year and have already seen improvement in my perspective and pose drawing skills.

The great opportunity that comes with my new site is the ability to quickly update my portfolio and in turn allow me to spend more time on this platform to keep you all up-to-date on my current projects and pondering. I will be posting after this post my currently in Work in Progress concept art for my environment piece. Until next time.

David K


Project update 1

General / 17 February 2017

So I’ve finally got into the groove of drawing and writing a bit more, which I’m very pleased about. One project I have been working on is a revival of an old project I did back in my second year of University with a team which I always thought could’ve done with a few more iterations. The background is for a App which teaches children about fruit and a healthy lifestyle…. only with fruit blasters and a colourful and fun art direction.

Below are some designs I’ve been working on.

The end result would be a full colour character in both a turnaround (Ready for 3D or 2D animation) and a posed final image (Both Female and Male).

I hope to post more update in the future.


Small update 16/01/17

General / 16 January 2017

This is my first Update of the year and third post on my recently created Tumblr blog. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here so I hope to bring things up to speed with the schedule I hope to fulfil during Q1 of 2017.


Firstly I aim to be a tad more frequent on here with updates, thoughts and ideas as I don’t want this to be another blog where I post only one or two relevant things and then seemingly abandon it; I want this page to be updated regularly with new art & sketches from characters to environments and every in between (so it doesn’t feel like a baron wasteland).

Second update is a personal goal and that is to go ahead and do more sketching out and about, whether it be doodling whist in a coffee shop or going to life drawing classes. I hope by the end of the year have quite a sizeable online rough portfolio of my ideas, observation and creative experimentation.

My third and final update will be that I will hope to post every month with an update on my own narrative ideas, complete with sketches and art. I believe getting in a routine will be very beneficial to my growth as an artist and a thinker, whist also bringing some long-awaited confidence to my drawing skills.


With everything on my mind mapped out, I’ll hopefully see you all soon with something of interest.


Site Updated

General / 21 November 2016

Check it out, my portfolio site is live now!


First blog post - Getting started

General / 18 November 2016

I’ve tried many other sites and providers to display my work but Tumblr seems to be far more user friendly; plus adding paragraphs without needing to insert code to definitely a boon.

I’ll try to regularly update this blog more so than the University blogs I’ve created in the past.