Small update 16/01/17

General / 16 January 2017

This is my first Update of the year and third post on my recently created Tumblr blog. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here so I hope to bring things up to speed with the schedule I hope to fulfil during Q1 of 2017.


Firstly I aim to be a tad more frequent on here with updates, thoughts and ideas as I don’t want this to be another blog where I post only one or two relevant things and then seemingly abandon it; I want this page to be updated regularly with new art & sketches from characters to environments and every in between (so it doesn’t feel like a baron wasteland).

Second update is a personal goal and that is to go ahead and do more sketching out and about, whether it be doodling whist in a coffee shop or going to life drawing classes. I hope by the end of the year have quite a sizeable online rough portfolio of my ideas, observation and creative experimentation.

My third and final update will be that I will hope to post every month with an update on my own narrative ideas, complete with sketches and art. I believe getting in a routine will be very beneficial to my growth as an artist and a thinker, whist also bringing some long-awaited confidence to my drawing skills.


With everything on my mind mapped out, I’ll hopefully see you all soon with something of interest.