12-08-2018 Current Happenings #1

General / 12 August 2018

Morning All

I know it has been a while so I wanted to provide an update about my current projects and ideas into a short blog post.

To begin, I have comfortably settled into my new job (Retail).  Yay!! . However, since returning from a family holiday mid-July I have been there non-stop without a long enough break to continue with any new artworks. So many of the artworks I did plan to design haven't been completed sorry. It is not all bad as I have steadily been brushing up on my writing skills and piece by piece building up an idea for a game concept, whist putting together a list of potential works to improve my concept work. The original hope was to create enough artworks to show off to potential employers at EGX, I learned so much last year and I wanted to implement it ready for the following year. Perhaps I will still get to complete the idea I had in mind, one day.

The other update I wanted to share was that I am planning to do a few more blog-posts on Tumblr, smaller pieces that would delve into more contemporary topics. I need to get into the routine of writing allot more otherwise I will never improve. Or else I will be doomed to repeat the same sentence structure over an over again (much like this blog). The other blog related update is about the breakdown of my latest artwork, I have written the outline of the blog ready for editing. Should be a lengthy read but ultimately something I have wanted to write about for a long time, discussing my design process and the areas of improvement I have made since my University days.

Now that I am officially back int the routine I will have many more updates to come in the future. All the while juggling my other sites like Weasyl (to be revived), Tumblr and Twitter.

Until next time