Good news Adventuring!! | 29-05-18

General / 29 May 2018

Good news!

After a long time I have found a new spark that has reinvigorated my love for design work! Yay! Over the last few weeks since my last Blog post I have been quietly studying new techniques and reading up on my other want-to-be passion Animation, with the hopes that I might give my artwork that other dimension of bounce and shape (which is sorely needed in my work). Another happy accident was finding a method of designing concepts. I tried out a number of techniques but it was only when I diverted back to using Pen pressure and altering the most basic of brushes in photoshop that I found my efficiency and line work improving. The brush I did create was tailored to mimic a pencil, with fine saturation applied if the pen is lightly pressed. I found also that using the Overlay dropdown of "Luminosity" help far more than I was expecting with my colour work, it is a lifesaver (more will be shown in the coming weeks.

Another piece of good news happened only recently, but in reality it needed to happen a long time ago. I went to a proper out of Cardiff con for my first time and I had a blast! So many interesting and friendly people, great atmosphere too! i just hope I made some new potential friends along the way. If only they had business cards... Anyway got some merch and a few keepsakes. it was shame I could've only stayed for the day... perhaps next time I will stay for the duration. Yeah, I think I will. Though the theme was right up my ally this year, fingers crossed something similar for 2019.

To end this blog post with some more good news I want to give an update on my current artwork and commission work (yes, you heard right, commissions). I have been giving it allot of thought and I want to start doing commissions, don't know how soon but It will be done this year I promise. The other news is that I am on the home stretch with a new piece of artwork inspired by a current character I played in tabletop Starfinder, more details soon.

A more upbeat blog post than usual, but sadly it has now come to a end.

Until next time.