Quick update | 19-02-18

General / 19 February 2018

Welcome travelers to my Blog

I wanted to update you about what is currently happening regarding future artwork and projects i have planned.

So to begin, the one piece that has devoted a big chunk of my time to is Tranzfuser. I have been planning out narrative and gameplay ideas for two projects I hope to present to a team in the near future. I believed it would be a good idea to think of some other narratives outside of my ongoing plan to redesign my entire Masters project (which is no small feat). I have the majority of the background completed, all I need to do is focus on a vertical slice of the game, which would later become the area for the prototype. The trouble is that I can't decide which one to pursue. One is a more narrative driven 3D point and click game with an interesting gimmick to set it apart, the other has the story completed and the objective set but overall a little fuzzy on gameplay. I'll post again once i have made my decision and more to show.

Now Commissions. I'm finally getting around to doing some after some long encouraging conversations with friends, industry and tutors alike. Yes, i'm really excited for what this might bring to my productivity and confidence. However, the current commission I'm working on is a little trickier than expected as it is a 3D model. I have done plenty over the years but this one has been quite the challenge. What I mean by this is that whereas I have done characters in the past, they have always been of my own design. I knew how materials would behave for instance or how the flow of the polys would be like, this project has been very different as it leans heavily on reference judged by eye . Yet I am positive that I will meet the clients wishes and deliver something worthwhile. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for taking the time to read (or skim) and I'll share some stuff soon. DK