Quick Update | 01-04-19

General / 01 April 2019

It has been four months since my last update here on Artstation. Four Months! I know, I have a lot of explaining to do.

One of my faults I find myself repeating time and again is that I never really complete personal projects. I usually have a number of ideas going around at any one time, suddenly when a burst of inspiration lights up I often leave the project I was working on and switch over to something completely new. Although on the surface this not a bad trait to have as I am encouraging myself to try to expand my capabilities and explore areas I haven't previously thought about (E.g. Narrative & Logo design). It is when you look back at the amount of half completed folders on my desktop you see that this is actually a problem. Even writing something as simple as a blog post could take a few days for example. Luckily over the last year I have tried to negate this by writing down little checklists and placing recent projects at the forefront of all my folders/notebooks. For a time this has worked and has been a real benefit to my writing and drawing skills. I can say with confidence I am a highly productive person however I just need to encourage myself like I try to do with others to get personal projects done! A challenge I have faced recently is that I am currently finishing up a commission piece for good friend. A commission given to me just after new years, a number of design elements for a Twitch channel.

So what happened you may ask yourself? I believe you know where this story is heading... just like clockwork I have been holding it off finishing the commission work for a good amount of time. Only doing one or two scraps and designs whenever I am in the creative zone. I am worried that if I am to take on another commission work in the future i would do the same again. I had initially planned to open up commissions ready in time for Confuzzled2019, an event I am going off to in May, marking it down as a good step forward in a freelance career. But I know now I have a long long way to go before I can commit myself to consistent commission work. Though perhaps that extra nudge and focus might be the thing I have been looking for.

Still if anything this long paragraph above clarifies that I am always working on something new, I however just need to finish them first....