New direction and moving forward | 25-04-18

General / 25 April 2018

Been a little while since my last post and a general update about myself. So first things first, my art. 

Currently I have found it difficult to balance projects both big and small, never knowing which could be done in a dedicated few days or casually over a number of weeks. I found during my masters (and much of my BA) that I didn't set out a clear and achievable end point for each of my intended projects. So as a result I never liked my final outcome, a thought mutually confirmed by a variety of industry. I finished some concepts, but felt like others dragged behind in quality. My plan is to set out and redesign my Master book as part of a Year 1 catalog of new and expanded ideas and concepts. But before I do any of that that, I need to understand what exactly went wrong and how I might aim to improve. And so to find out I am going to work on a smaller concept and design a mini-design document book, inspired by the idea worked on by myself and the team I was as part of the Global Game Jam. This smaller and more focused project will not only allow me to understand the challenges I need to overcome if i want to make this this new revision but also prove to industry and recruiters that i can work on something from initial concept to final outcome; a element vacant from my own portfolio.

Additionally, I have plans to do a few "small" projects to keep me busy starting with two, one for an event and the another as part of a Starfinder Goblin tabletop adventure I am currently planning with friends. Should be fun, and get me to explore more artworks outside of my comfort zone.

The other item on my list to discus includes my revamped Tumblr page. So for a while now I have been writing about major topics on Artstation, such as updates and new artwork, all the while neglecting my Tumblr blog. I plan to however to do some smaller updates and display a number sketches and designs that wouldn't feel to be fitting to a site like this, I tend to want to only blog about bigger things that would impact my portfolio on this Artstation. My Tumblr page as linked on my site will be used for these small blog posts and more gaming, cartoon and film related content. With E3 coming up there could be some more speculation stuff up on the site, along with a number of other keen ideas I ave in the works. I just think that they would be better suited there than on here. Still if you want to read about anything generally I do suggest keeping an eye on my Twitter account.

I believe that is all I want o discuss. Okay, I am going to end the blog here. Until next time.

Lp - David Keenor