24-10-18 Updating and moving forward

General / 24 October 2018

First and foremost. Going to take this whole work update seriously now starting from today. Whether it be on my Artstation, Tumblr or LinkedIn; I will be posting regular updates about my work and thoughts. Perhaps even showing off some early rough designs I have been working on.

Currently when a potential freelance opportunity or employer take look at my various sites, the first thing they would see about myself is an out-of-date and sparse blog. If I am to complete projects I need to be constantly thinking and working towards my goals, the very least I can do is update once a week about my current thoughts and objectives. Not every post should an in-depth analysis, a simple structure outlining the basics is all that would be required of me. When something big comes along, sure may then go in-depth with my blog. Anything other than the point is not at all necessary.

Anyway, cutting a long update short, I will be posting regularly on my various blogs from today onward's

Now onto the main Artstation related update.


Currently I have a few projects in the works. Some personal, others requiring updating old artwork.

First and foremost I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone, designing with new styles and in directions I haven't got much experience in. I have been using one of my older projects to expand my creative outreach, this is an idea I had for Tranzfuser 2018 and have been progressing slowly ever since. By the summer next year I hope to make a vertical slice of the game and collectively complete a portfolio of vehicles, architecture, characters, gameplay plans, UI and script examples that would show off all my new skills. As the blog image suggests I have been working on character design, only this time I am exploring a character that could be animated. My goal with this character design is to end up with not only a design that tells a story and reflects his/her personality but also something that would be easy to manipulate and be Animation friendly. I see too often game characters that are so full of detail and realism that unfortunately had lost their recognizable qualities as a result. Anyway this should teach me plenty.

The other topic I wanted to bring up is that after months of telling myself I should I have finally updated my Avatar! I thought this was the right time I needed an avatar that better shows off my progress as an artist. The direction is similar to the piece I designed recently "Throb the Goblin", I prioritised a strong multi-weighted outline and shape (including colour boarders) to visualize my new avatar. And for all my effort I really like the new avatar I have designed for myself, a reoccurring trend as of late. Once I have the process nailed down I could perhaps possibly open up for commissions for other seasonal avatars, maybe in the future?

All I needed to do now is practice how to close off a blogpost, as a sudden stop and change of character will not do moving forward. Anyway until next time (I hope same next week).