I know, a long time without an update | 20-03-18

General / 20 March 2018

Hello Artstation readers!

As you might of noticed, I haven't been posting much art over the last few weeks. I'm sorry about that. Truly

My reasoning for the lack of new Artstation work is rather exciting. Over the last number of weeks, I have been working towards my Application for Tranzfuser whist at the same time helping as a collaborator with another team. I have been very very busy so I haven't had time to continue with any previously promised projects. Had some great fun working on some new ideas and projects, exercising my understating of narrative and concept art. Hope to share more soon!

Another reason, and still just as exciting, is that I finally found myself a new job! Yay! After many interviews, and three totally different experiences throughout the week, I got offered the job. The role is Part-time so I should have some available free-time to design more characters and art for my portfolio. Whist on the subject, I would like to confirm that soon, I will finally get around to doing some commission work. This will be 2D artwork, I will share more detail through my twitter page in the coming days.

Additionally, on a sad note... going by the silence and the lack of any notifications I believe I have not got a place within the internship I applied for. Thinking back, I should've done a few things differently on my application. My foremost thought would be not to do a video cover letter again, took too long to do and the time should've been spent doing more artwork for my portfolio. Other details like my CV and portfolio focus is another issue I need to Iron out for next time. It's sad that I may never apply to that internship again, but hey I got a job and have room for more commission work. I need to look at the positives. Anyway, I go to more regular events than I used to and have met up with a few old and new friends again. Playing D&D and CoC on a regular basis. 2018 is starting off great!

I have jinxed it haven't I? Oh well.

Until the next post, enjoy the rest of your day!

David Keenor